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Steve Marino and Mark Huizenga testify address the chairman of a House Committee during testimony

Steve Marino is a seasoned and accomplished former State Representative and Member of the Michigan House of Representatives, recognized for his dedication to public service and passion for advocating pro-growth policies. Serving the 24th District, which encompassed Harrison Township, Clinton Township, and Macomb Township, Steve proudly represented his constituents while being a lifelong resident of Macomb County, Michigan.


Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a genuine passion for representing the interests of his constituents and the broader Michigan community. His approach as a pragmatic and effective legislator resulted in significant and positive changes and fostered economic growth throughout the State of Michigan.

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Born on March 24, 1989, in Detroit, Michigan, Steve Marino grew up with a deep-rooted sense of community and a commitment to making a difference. He attended L'Anse Creuse High School, where he excelled as Senior Class President and was recognized as the Wendy's High School Heisman recipient. His academic pursuits took him to Michigan State University, where he earned three Bachelor's degrees in Economics, Public Policy and Public Administration, and Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy from James Madison College. During his time at MSU, Steve was actively involved in various student leadership roles, including serving as the Student Body President and the Student Liaison to the MSU Board of Trustees. Marino also played on the MSU Men's Lacrosse Team. In 2012, Marino guided Public Act 125 through the Michigan Legislature which made nationwide headlines and is responsible for saving many young lives throughout the State of Michigan.
Currently, Steve Marino is pursuing a Master's in Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

Steve's passion for public service and advocacy led him to found Campaign Finance Strategies LLC, a government relations and campaign finance consulting firm. Through CFS, Steve represented clients at the local, state, and federal levels on governmental affairs, specializing in areas such as public health, insurance, campaign finance, and tax policy. This experience allowed him to gain invaluable insights into the legislative process and honed his skills in strategic advocacy.
In November 2014, Steve Marino was elected to serve his first term on the Macomb County Board of Commissioners, representing Harrison Township and much of St. Clair Shores. His leadership abilities were soon recognized when he was selected as Chair of the Justice and Public Safety Committee and appointed to various influential committees and councils. During this time, Steve actively advocated for greater transparency in campaign finance reporting and worked tirelessly to create more career opportunities and vocational training options for the community.
In January 2017, Steve Marino took on a new challenge by becoming a State Representative for the 24th District in Michigan. Elected for three consecutive terms, he made an immediate impact in Lansing, earning a reputation as a dedicated and hardworking legislator. Steve's ability to work across party lines and find common ground garnered respect from both colleagues and constituents. He served on the influential Appropriations Committee and chaired the Commerce & Tourism Committee for two terms.
During his tenure, Steve tirelessly championed pro-growth policies aimed at stimulating economic development and attracting businesses to Michigan. His leadership was instrumental in navigating the challenges posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic, where he successfully lobbied the Governor to expand healthcare through telehealth platforms. Additionally, he played a key role in securing a $5 billion investment for the second-largest collocated data center in the United States.
Steve Marino's commitment to transparency, accessibility, and collaborative governance earned him numerous accolades and awards throughout his career. Notably, he was honored with the prestigious "Legislator of the Year" Award by the Small Business Association of Michigan in 2021, recognizing his unwavering dedication to advancing policies that support small businesses and entrepreneurs.
Outside of his professional endeavors, Steve Marino has been actively engaged in the community. He was an instrumental figure in the L'Anse Creuse Community Action Coalition for over 15 years, where he served as Co-Chair. Currently, Steve is volunteering as an Assistant Coach for the Detroit Panthers Boy's Lacrosse Team.

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